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Catty & Batty: The Spirit Guide

A casual couch co-op puzzle game 📦🐈🦇 · By muddasheep


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DevLog #5 - Back On Track
Things are coming along nicely! Here is the complete changelog: Fixes: Can’t build boxes on eyeflower and heartbeans anymore Hide Hedgar from level complete p...
DevLog #4 - So Many Options
The options menu is taking a bit longer than estimated! But progress is progress :D A new version of the game will be uploaded as soon as everything is stable a...
DevLog #3 - Thirty Levels
The game now contains all 30 levels, which is quite important! It means that the basic structure is now complete and I can fill in all the tasty little details...
DevLog #2 - Crowd Control
Here's the second devlog entry! Full changelog: Fixes: Fixed mouse mode making it possible to go through totally blocking heartvines Fixed an error that allowed...
DevLog #1 - Introduction
DevLog for my new game Catty & Batty 2 is starting now! Contents of the video: Current status, what's to come, and a little look at how the project came to be...
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