A downloadable interactive album for Windows and Linux

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This interactive album lets you enable/disable individual instruments to explore the music and change how it feels. It features 14 chill instrumental tracks for a total runtime of 43 minutes. Every song incorporates elements from different musicians.


  • Up/Down arrow keys: Adjust volume
  • Left/Right arrow keys: Forward/backward
  • PageUp/PageDown: Adjust pitch
  • End: Reset pitch to default
  • A: Turn on/off anti-aliasing
  • F: Toggle fullscreen
  • Left-click on instrument: Toggle instrument
  • Right-click on instrument: Turn off all other instruments
  • Middle-click on instrument: Turn on all instruments
  • Space: Pause/Resume
  • ESC: Quit application

Thank you:

Thank you to everyone who submitted sounds and samples:

  • H4ndy (various sounds and samples for Mind Palace Elevator)
  • Oleg (rain sounds for Eternal Sun)
  • tipsheda (samples for Placebo Flower) (twitter.com/tipsheda)
  • Ivoryocean (various sounds and samples for Ticket to Paradise) (twitter.com/ivoryocean)
  • Pao (various sounds for The Prophet's Delight)
  • Taskbeenden (samples for Time of Death)
  • Maximiliano Galán Cid (bass samples for Premonition) (open.spotify.com/artist/2TADHu2ASe77TiQIGV2zvx)
  • LupusRex (samples for Ultima Forsan) (lupusrex.se)
  • Moonlyer (acoustic guitar for Skeleton Parade)
  • Mariya Nesmeyanova (violin for Skeleton Parade)
  • Akim Boyko (bass for Skeleton Parade)
  • SaimizZ (guitar for Skull Behind The Mask) (www.youtube.com/saimizz)
  • Funnycreature (various sounds and samples for Soulcrier)
  • Scruffy (rain sounds for In a Haze) (scruffymusic.bandcamp.com)

Thank you to Marcela Bolívar for creating the album cover (www.marcelabolivar.com).

Thank you to my early listeners for important feedback: Auri, Minnie, Ekscelle, KeshaFilm, KAON, Alex Strook, Caz, Jancias, Millie, LupusRex, VEVEN, kowi.

Thank you to my patrons: Futeko Snowfeather, nola, H4ndy, LILmighty, Jazz, Alexis Clay, Paul Danyliuk, Pao Sebastian, Jace, Andrey, AxelhacK, deliriumstalker, Lexi, Jared Powell, Malastrome, Szaladin, moonlyer, LupusRex, funnycreature, Michael Hillard, MGC, Syruss, Jancias, Mark Valentine, Clay, KeshaFilm, Coda, EksCelle, s.Jane Mills, JazzyMike, Oleg, Barioncr, Paweł Perepelica, Nungy, Nome ❤ Nana, Lizreu, LinkXNess, SaimizZ, Harley, Greatfox, Maxime Lebled.

All tracks use drum one-shot samples by The Kount (thekount.sellfy.store).

All tracks produced, mixed and mastered by Philipp "muddasheep" Lehner.


Thank you for listening.


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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Version 3

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nice game

Thank you!