Version 0.1.15 - Circles of Hell

Version 0.1.15 introduces Circles of Hell, which are difficulty adjustments. More of them will be added in the future. With this change, the default game has been made slightly easier.

  • Added Circles of Hell (selection appears after the first run)
  • No more starter curse by default
  • Added fixed starter blessing by default ("Meditation")
  • No more unlimited curses by default, each new curse will replace the old one
  • Increased default max despair to 67
  • Reduced redraw price from 50 to 10 (thanks Syndel)
  • Buffed starter deck cards (one Spell with Heal has a value of 10 now)
  • Added 5 missing tooltips for triggers (thanks Syndel and tmachine)
  • Card details are now shown for cards in hand as well (thanks Syndel)
  • Right-click doesn't close end screen anymore (thanks NowOnTest)
  • "On Attack" now triggers before physical damage is dealt (thanks Syndel)
  • New cards are now drawn after enemy cards are revealed (to make OnShuffleDeck work after revealing cards) (thanks Syndel)
  • Blessings selection screen now also shows card details on hover
  • Added trigger "On Discard Card" (thanks Syndel)
  • To address an issue with reloading a save file, I've now added a global exception handling (thanks NowOnTest)
  • Fixed issue where card info was still displayed after leaving the end screen (thanks NowOnTest)
  • Fixed calculation error with Burn on card with Magic Ward
  • Fixed issue where sometimes after a fight you couldn't view blessings/curses (thanks Syndel)
  • Fixed shops letting you sell more than one card if you didn't sell a card in previous shops (thanks Syndel)
  • Fixed card arrow sometimes appearing misplaced

Thank you for playing Faith in Despair.

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