Version 0.1.16 - Improved Inventory

Version 0.1.16 introduces an improved inventory, which should help a lot with crafting your cards.

  • Completely reworked inventory (thanks NowOnTest)
    • Lacrima names are always displayed
    • More satchels appear dynamically (up to 5 total, for a total inventory space of 30, just like before)
    • Always shows 10 cards of your deck
    • Add sort options for lacrima and for cards
  • Cards are now sorted automatically by type when opening inventory / shop / study / sacrifice
  • OnCardReveal no longer appears on enemies (thanks Baxil)
  • Random Buff no longer appears on enemies (thanks Baxil)
  • Changed "Reduce Despair Cost" to "Bliss" (reduces despair cost by 2)
  • Adjusted several boss values (thanks Baxil)
  • Adjusted the way rarity affects distributed lacrima
  • Lacrima sprites now have variations depending on rarity (thanks Baxil)
  • Space no longer closes sacrifice/study/shop, but still open/closes inventory while on the map screen (thanks Auri)
  • Next/previous arrows in inventory are now only shown when there are more than one page
  • Slightly increased chances of elite battles appearing on map
  • Fixed bug where cards from previous run would appear again in new deck (thanks Baxil)
  • Fixed "Activate Again" not working anymore (thanks Auri)
  • Fixed issue where a shop looked the same as the last visited shop on previous chapter (thanks Auri)
  • Fixed "NEW" indicator sometimes not disappearing
  • Fixed card details still showing after buying a card
  • Fixed "On Full Despair" on curse not disappearing when a new curse replaces it
  • Fixed description for Mud (Materia instead of Lacrima) (thanks Kai45)
  • Fixed cards on endscreen not zooming back out to original scale

Thank you for playing Faith in Despair.

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