Version 0.1.17 - Battle Log

The new battle log will provide answers as to why creatures died or why a run was lost. Full list of changes:

  • Added battle log (new button in upper right corner)
  • Improved enemy stack visuals, so it should be a bit clearer whether there are enemies left in the stack (thanks NowOnTest and Baxil)
  • Lacrima that are activated by chance show their value now when hovering over them in satchels (i.e. Capture 10% shows value of 5)
  • Broken spells no longer show a sell price in shop (thanks Auri)
  • Hovering over a map fragment when choosing between two fragments now shows icon infos (thanks kabukistar)
  • Spell costs have been halved, rounded up. I.e. spells with 1 slot cost 1 despair, spells with 5 slots cost 3 despair
  • Removed Flying and FirstStrike from treasure rewards
  • Show dots in inventory for pages below cards instead of "1 / X"
  • Fixed cards on end game screen not being put in front of other cards when hovering over them
  • Fixed error when calling "Abandon run" at the start screen
  • Fixed undiscovered lacrima showing rarity sprites in collection (thanks NowOnTest)
  • Fixed description of OnEnemySleep ("an enemy of this creature") (thanks NowOnTest)

Thank you for playing Faith in Despair.

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