DevLog #11 - Names in the Clouds


  • Characters no longer follow mouse when mouse is outside game
  • Fixed being able to press build and cancel at the same time which would cause building/deleting towers every frame and lots of noise/clouds
  • Fixed vertical jittering in level 10
  • Fixed error in level 18 that caused box to be destroyed at start of sequence after removing it once
  • Correct material (sprite with lights) for box dust clouds and gridlines
  • Fixed Catty wrongly starting out as “angry” in some cutscenes
  • Fixed sparkles of king’s glasses moving with spirit after delivering them to Hedgar
  • Fixed speech bubble position for sad catty in dialogues
  • Fixed opening gate conditions in level 17 (all leaf piles and all heart beans)
  • Fixed hanging application on startup time by changing all music files to “streaming” and PCM


  • Burgundy now tells you how to start spirits in first level
  • Press SPACE instead of V to start level
  • Add flying leaves when placing leafpiles
  • Add mixers for FX and music with some compressor
  • Audio now moves lines in bottom right
  • Characters slightly tilt on moving left or right
  • Show grid when building tower
  • Changed layout of level 11, 13, 15, 16, 21, 22, 23
  • Changed Hedgar’s position in level 27
  • Improve start area of level 26 (introducing default direction for waywisers)
  • Mouse cursor is now directly above building cursor instead of above catty/batty sprite
  • Sync beatbox with background music (110bpm)
  • Boxes destroyed by crystomalities now also have box ripping sound
  • Drew clouds for all 36 patrons live on twitch, will be used in credits!

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