DevLog #15 - New Languages | Final Devlog!

The final devlog is here! The latest patch contains 4 new languages (Russian, German, Austrian, Finnish) and a few more things. Check out the video for stream highlights. Thank you all for watching and playing!


  • Updated hints for levels 1, 5, and 6 to better communicate the information to the players (Pinkerator and Kowi)
  • Fix sprite sort order of beatbox and add blockers so that you can’t build boxes on it (NoLifeKing85)
  • Reduce flickering of clouds on overworld by adjust sort order (Kowi)
  • Fix overlapping CattyBatty sprite on overworld when opening pause menu
  • Disabled spirit preview for starsnow maps where you have to pick up spirits
  • Fixed being able to build boxes on heartcranks (and fixed heartcrank sprite sort order)
  • Fixed eyes of Catty and Batty overlapping with the box limit display in level 4


  • Allow player switching when level is complete
  • You can now also wake up spirits by placing boxes on them
  • Eyeflower now destroys surrounding boxes
  • In level 28, first part of path now gets shown immediately
  • A little animation is now shown when a spirit falls into a portal and travels back to the spawnpoint
  • New languages available: German, Austrian, Russian, Finnish


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