DevLog #13 - My Art Workflow

Devlog number 13 is here, this time showing my workflow for the art assets:

Here is the full list of changes:


  • Fixed placing boxes when choosing to “Continue” in pause menu
  • Fixed resolution code, now changing resolution is allowed again and shouldn’t interfere with custom resolution anymore
  • Fixed audio issues when more things are played at roughly the same time (Normalizer, Compressor) (by Nungy)
  • Fixed WASD movement (activate digital axis simulation for keypresses) (by Nungy)
  • Fixed crystomalities sometimes spawning on the gate or spirit spawnpoint (by Nungy)
  • Fixed L1 and R1 not reacting immediately (by Nungy)
  • Fixed timer showing 1:2 instead of 1:02 (now it shows 01:02)
  • Delay paw prints and new locations on overworld fading in after the transition
  • Fixed super quick movement for Boxfox
  • Fixed coroutines stopping when clicking to the next sentence in dialogue
  • Fixed Batty not having a nose in “surprised” sprite 👀
  • Fixed blurry icon by adding a new one which contains a bunch of variants


  • Controller list in options
  • Add Steam API Support using Steamworks.NET:
    • Added achievements and overlay check
  • Add mousewheel support (up to switch cursor style, down to switch characters)
  • Speed of spirits increases when you move closer to them (by Nungy)
  • New level popup and checkmark for completion
  • Save and display best highscore for boxes and total playtime of each level
  • Added level names
  • New sounds for shromps, waywisers, starting spirits, and preview spirits
  • When preview spirits enter gate, the 9th note is played now
  • Change sound for selecting overworld location
  • Add animation to cutscene 5 with spirits floating through heartvines (by Nungy)
  • Drew new tree for cutscene 13
  • Started implementing achievements screen (Catty's house)

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