DevLog #14 - RELEASE

✨ The game has finally launched! ✨

Here is the full changelog:


  • Fixed Hedgar looking like Catty before moving in level 17
  • Fixed spirits getting boosted in level 22 when moving closer to them
  • Fixed not being able to get to level 31 with controller
  • Delayed level info popup so you can always see where the next level is (noticed on SaimizZ’s twitch stream)
  • Fixed not being able to finish level 11 when playing controller (by H4ndy)
  • Fixed flickering in the background (on Linux) of the application by adding a background camera with black background color.
  • Fixed achievements not working when resetting progress with O+RightArrow
  • Fixed being able to build boxes on letter dispensers
  • Fixed bulbtree in maze not lighting up when sending preview spirits first
  • Fixed buttons overlapping with waywisers
  • Fixed bug where unmuting FX/music would set to louder volume
  • Fixed “Cancel” causing spirits to speed up in beatbox level (should also not be out of time anymore) (by Nungy)
  • Fixed mouse click activating previously hovered item (by Nungy)
  • Fixed beatbox going out of sync when restarting the level (by Nungy)


  • Added complete credits scene and new music
  • Playing credits now also results in a checkmark
  • Remade supercharger with new sprites and sound
  • Added sounds to crystomalities
  • Added sounds to lightbulbtrees
  • Added sounds when spirits pick up letters
  • Added “hold to skip” to cutscenes, so you can’t accidentally skip them
  • Switching players now gets saved in settings
  • Shromps can now also be activated by spirits
  • Improved hitboxes for heartvines in the level “Toll”
  • Reveal all clouds on overworld when finishing all levels
  • Eyes of Catty and Batty in pause menu follow active menu item now
  • Check for darkmode in level 20 and 21 and switch to “Gray” temporarily
  • Switching characters now sends hearts to each other
  • Added Burgundy to level 5 (Burgundy will only appear until you beat the level)
  • Added new portal sprite to cutscene number 3

Thank you all and I hope you'll enjoy it!

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