DevLog #12 - Top 10 New Features


  • Fixed effects and music not being on by default
  • Fixed options not having “return to title” in some cases on overworld
  • Fixed WASD moving the player 2 spaces at a time on overworld
  • Fixed heartvines sometimes moving even though no spirit is attached to a crank (level 25)
  • Fixed a bug in overworld where you couldn’t start a level without moving once first
  • Fixed being able to drop a box when returning to map after the winning screen is shown
  • Fixed volume slider changing volume values with too much dB at every step


  • Increase distance of spirit attachment (for raining maps)
  • In raining levels, make “Let’s Go” appear when you first reach a spirit
  • Added more sounds to options screen
  • Burgundy in level 1 now appears immediately and requires player input
  • Next level only unlocks when beating the current level
  • Mouse gets assigned to 2nd player now (WASD for Player 1, Mouse for Player 2)
  • Upgrade Rewired for PS5 controller support
  • Added final cutscene and credits (level 31)
  • It’s now possible to change volume and/or mute sounds and music in options
  • ESC now brings up pause/options in dialogue screen as well
    • Press SPACE to skip cutscenes
    • pause/options screen had to be changed to work globally
  • Added Steam Cloud support
    • Changed location of settings from PlayerPrefs to Application.persistentDataPath
  • Replaced portal sprites with new ones
    • Make portals start with random rotations
  • Burgundy eyes now follow active options items
  • Catty’s and Batty’s eyes now follow the closest spirit (and look at each other if they’re close together)

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