DevLog #2 - Crowd Control

Here's the second devlog entry!

Full changelog:


  • Fixed mouse mode making it possible to go through totally blocking heartvines
  • Fixed an error that allowed Batty to delete leaf piles
  • Noticed an error with pre-placed boxes, they get ignored
  • Started making an in-game console
  • Figured out that gridmanager got the gamemaster too late, so i added it in Awake()

Features & Content:

  • Changed the border of the levels (no more pure black walls)
  • Added keyboard keys and mouse middle click (to send spirits)
  • Display hint to press V / Square / Xbox X to send spirits (just plain old text for now)
  • Preview spirit movement with C / Triangle / Xbox Y
  • Drew “generic” spirit
  • Planned & Implemented level 28
  • Changed layout of level 1
  • Added mouse support for overworld
  • Player progress is now saved (overworld doesn’t start with all levels revealed, this also includes cursor style)

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