DevLog #3 - Thirty Levels

The game now contains all 30 levels, which is quite important! It means that the basic structure is now complete and I can fill in all the tasty little details, sounds and music. Of course, the levels may also change, but it feels good to now "know" what the game is, since it's clearly visible. Anyway, enough rambling, here is the complete changelog:


  • Heartvine cranks weren’t assigned to the correct players anymore in level 25, fixed with a boolean flag in gamemaster to divide by X axis (left = catty, right = batty)
  • Wind swirleys weren’t visible in build only - it was a sorting order issue of the sprite (sometimes with a 0 things aren’t visible to the camera)
  • Batty was able to place boxes on piles of leaves
  • Level 20: Level border and grass are now affected by light
  • Dialogue text is “stable” now and doesn’t jump around anymore
  • Fixed camera resolution / ratio issues (found script on
  • Fixed a black border at the bottom in level 26
  • Ignore first second of input on overworld to avoid switching nodes when returning from a level
  • Fixed controller movement being dependent on frames
  • Updated movement to use AddForce() instead of Translate() to fix jittering when running against other colliders (heartvines), I’ve used ForceMode.Impulse at first with good results, but then reverted back to using Translate() because it always felt slightly off, instead I now check for collisions using OverlapCircleNonAlloc() and then reset the position whenever something is hit.


  • Added NumPad keyboard layout, now two players can play on one keyboard!
  • Upgraded to Unity 2020, removed all traces of Playmaker
  • A bunch of changes to how preview spirits work:
    • They now get restarted instead of summoned multiple times
    • They last for 30seconds, and get cancelled when building a tower
    • They now don’t ignore certain level elements (letter dispensers, portals and gates), but get ignored by heartvine cranks
    • A total of 10 preview spirits can be on screen at the same time
  • Added paw prints on overworld:
  • Press “O” on keyboard on overworld to reset progress
  • Drew & implemented a “Level Complete” popup
  • Drew & implemented gate lines and gate butterflies
  • Use fragment shader to bend spirit flames depending on their movement
  • Designed and built level 27 and 28 (all 30 levels are now complete)

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