DevLog #4 - So Many Options

The options menu is taking a bit longer than estimated! But progress is progress :D A new version of the game will be uploaded as soon as everything is stable again. Here is the full changelog:


  • Fixed controller axis not getting checked correctly for being active / inactive by changing the input action event to AxisActiveOrJustInactive instead of AxisActive and checking when it has returned to 0.
  • Spirits now stop moving when game is paused.


  • Implemented Fog of Woah™ on Overworld
  • Drew & implemented options menu (almost done)
    • Burgundy
    • Clouds & their movement
    • Noise (random pixels on the screen)
    • sub menu items like fullscreen/resolution/sound volume/buttons…
  • Drew 18 new emotion sprites for catty, batty and the third character for the cut(e)scenes (need to be implemented properly)

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