DevLog #5 - Back On Track

Things are coming along nicely! Here is the complete changelog:


  • Can’t build boxes on eyeflower and heartbeans anymore
  • Hide Hedgar from level complete popup when he’s not there yet
  • Fixed preview spirits being able to destroy gates in level 24
  • Fixed typos in cutscenes 8, 15 and 30
  • Building boxes no longer interrupts preview spirits
  • Butterflies on gates also are affected by light now
  • Letters no longer overlap with menu / level complete popup
  • Fixed shader distortion for spirits using a portal far away from spawn point
  • Hedgar doesn’t get obscured by boxes anymore in level 27


    • Layout complete
    • Works with mouse keyboard controller
    • Still need to save it in observer, and actually change stuff (volume, resolution..)
  • Skip cutscenes with start/esc
  • Total boxes placed and total time in level completion popup
  • The king’s glasses now have sparkles
  • Spirit smoke is back
  • Display boxes left to build in level 4
  • Replaced spirits in first cutscene with new drawings
  • Added a notification for Hedgar to cutscene 14
  • Little speech bubble icon for Batty now has wings (also replaced the old one for Catty)
  • Implemented new dialog system - every character is an “actor” and has 6 emotions available


  • The game now has over 470 hand drawn sprites!
  • Dropped the number in title, now it’s just called Catty & Batty: The Spirit Guide

Thanks for your time!

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