DevLog #8 - New Music


  • Fixed an issue where the options wouldn’t get read/saved correctly due to universemaster being there twice for one frame
  • Fixed issue with sprite shader, where receiving lights would not allow alpha levels, now using shader by Todd Rivers
  • General code cleanup (removed warnings, upgraded Rewired)
  • Fix bug where players kept going in last used joystick direction after pressing R1/RB
  • Always highlight first option items and submenu items
  • Fixed up/down arrows moving 2 items at a time in options menu
  • Fixed supercharger sprite not being dark enough (and remove 3D shape)
  • Preview spirits can no longer light up lamps and also get affected by light now


  • Save settings in PlayerPrefs instead of a file in filesystem
  • “Press any key” button + transition to overworld complete with async loading
  • Intro loading complete (transition to splash screen)
  • Pause + Options menu now in overworld as well
  • Added proper checkmark and box display for level 18
  • Add small hint bubble above spirits instead of the long text to start level
  • You can now click on the spawn point to start spirits
  • Added music to splash screen
  • Added music to overworld
  • Added music to dialogue

Some of these features are not yet in the current build, will wait for the gameplay music and a few sounds to upload again!

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