DevLog #9 - Finish Your Game Jam

This is a major update to the game! As part of the "Finish Your Game" jam, I've put a lot of effort into this update to try and make it feel like a (more or less) finished game. The game is still not completely done, however. Some actions/features don't have sound yet, and outro/credits are still missing. So yes, more updates to come!

The latest build contains all changes of the previous devlog entry as well as the following fixes and features:


  • Increased dropzone for the king’s glasses in level 27
  • Changed some dialogue phrases
  • Fixed dustcloud when moving around with Catty
  • Not always show play button
  • Fixed options/pause menu not working with controller in overworld


  • Added “Let’s Go” animation for whoever starts the level
  • Placing boxes now causes dustclouds to appear
  • Drew new border for gameplay levels
  • New music for winning a level and other areas
  • New hand-drawn font using
  • Made 12 variants of gameplay music and put them in the game (more to come)
  • New transition from cutscene to gameplay (async load with quick white gradient)
  • Recorded and added 85 new sounds to the game

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